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About us

Cergold has a vast experience in the industrial and commercial activity of the food and agri-food sector and has as a commitment to creating a sustained long-term value for its shareholders, employees, business partners as well as its customers.

Cergold always committed with the increasing catching of efficiency and continually seek ways to reach the highest levels of competitiveness, with a strong commitment to the training of its employees and the constant development of new products, always adapted to the diverse needs of its customers.

Equipped with modern technology and nowadays in new and suitable installations, one of our biggest concerns is to obtain the best quality of our products, throughout its process.

Cergold Industrias is a grinding mill that transforms cereals (corn, rye, rice and wheat) by traditional methods (stone grinders), in order to preserve all the properties of the cereal, aroma, taste and texture, thus achieving a product of high quality that allows the professionals of the sector to get the most out of their recipes.

With the concern of promoting a distinct product market, we chose the grinders as a differentiating element of the entire market existing in mainland Portugal and islands.

Cergold, with its new concept of milling in stone grinders, aims to add value to an essential good that is the world of cereals and it was from this concept that our slogan "innovation in tradition" emerged.


Zona Industrial de Neiva, 2ยช Fase Lote 14,
4935-232 Neiva - Viana do Castelo
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Email: geral@cergold.pt

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